We report on the overall condition of the Hotel, office, shop, warehouse and factory and the land surrounding the office, warehouse and factory, including parking, loading and unloading bays and security fencing etc.

  • Security – including alarms, locks, security doors, electronic surveillance, remote control driveway gates, security fencing and security lighting etc.

  • Fire Safety– This including fire detection system, fire alarms, exits according to Building Code Australia ( BCA) 

  • Property and Surrounds – including car accommodation and parking bays, council infrastructure, site drainage, the condition of driveways, paths and paving, retaining walls and stormwater run-off (i.e. risk of flooding).

  • Exterior of the building – including roof covering, flashing, gutters and downpipes, condition of external walls, operation of windows and external facing doors (including fire escape doors and fire rating of doors).

  • Interior of the building – identification of any building materials that contain asbestos, dangerous work platforms and stairwells, dangerous (or exposed) electrical wiring, adequacy of ventilation, condition of return air vents and dangerous storage systems, detailed condition report on all internal fit-out and appliances etc.

  • We also do Upgrades Auditing Report according to customer’s requirements.