Sydney ASBESTOS IDENTIFICATION & REPORT (AS 4964-2004, AS 4349.0-2007)

What is asbestos? Scientist know it as a group of fibrous hydrated mineral silicates including chrysotile, amosite, anthopyllite and crocidolite. 

Asbestos kills. It causes a range of lung diseases known as mesothelioma that are slow to develop but in many cases deadly. Between the 1940's and 1980's in Australia asbestos was widely used in the construction industry. It appears in the form of fibro cement, insulation, fireproofing, pipes, paint, floor coverings, ceilings, ceiling tiles and roofing materials.


Asbestos-related Diseases

When asbestos fibres are breathed in, they may remain deep within the lungs. They can lodge in lung tissue and cause inflammation, scarring and some more serious asbestos- related diseases, which usually  take many years, if not decades, to develop. The four major asbestos-related diseases are shown opposite in increasing order of severity. A person may show signs of more than one of these diseases.  

A pre-purchase and or an asbestos ID Inspection should be undertaken early in the buying process or before any renovation. During renovation, different asbestos can be disturbed when asbestos is broken and cut, providing airborne dust, which can kill. An asbestos Identification Report can help to identify asbestos in building products and materials to help protect the health and safety of a property owner and his/her family. 


Sydney asbestos inspection
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Sydney Asbestos inspection
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