Defects appear in thermal imaging
Termites appear in thermal
Termites appear in thermal

Sydney Termites Thermal Inspection

Termites Thermal Imaging Inspection (TI Inspection) 

Every year many properties in Australia are damaged by fungal decay (rot), wood-boring insects and by subterranean termites (the latter are also commonly but incorrectly called 'white ants’ or other timber pests. Purchase of a residential property is an important decision and needs to be supported by information and knowledge  on the physical state of the property. An independent and objective advice is often required to enable an informed decision. The TI Inspection is one of the most effective way to find ascertain if termite has been any infestations.

The advantages of a Thermal Imaging Inspection include: 

  1. A TI Inspection allows for easy non-invasive techniques that are accurate and consistent. A TI Inspection ensures that these conventional techniques, which are required by current regulations are backed up with the latest technology, thus overcoming  the limitations in current conventional inspections.
  2. A TI Inspection is able to quickly scan the area giving a complete overview of the property. It is able to pinpoint any anomaly which is not visible.

Moisture Thermal Imaging Inspection 

Another benefit is the identification of roofing or plumbing leaks and general moisture intrusion, which will increase risk a re-infestation of subterranean termites, and other insect infestations such as ants, cockroaches, rodents. As a home buyer, it is good to know that your property is infestation-free above ground.

Other Building Defects Inspection 

Thermal Imaging can also very efficiently scan for other defects such as window energy loss and or plumbing and electrical defects, which is impossible to identify with our naked human eye.