Roof raftaer damaged by termites
Active Termites on sub-floor


Antcap bypass
Antcap bypass

Every year many building in Australia are damaged by fungal decay (rot), wood-boring insects, by subterranean termites (the latter are also commonly but incorrectly called 'white ants’ or other timber pests. Persons who wish to purchase or maintain a property that includes timber structures may require advice to determine whether the pests are or have been present in the building, there is heightened risk of timber pest presence, or there is damage caused by timber pests.

The inspection a non-invasive inspection comprising visual inspection supplemented by non-marking sounding of elements and assessment content of materials. Timber pests that damage timber are subterranean and damp-wood termites, borers of seasoned timber and wood decay fungi. The inspection does not require inspection and report on drywood termites or mould.

You would not buy a new house with termites active in it. If you live in a house with already termites active in it, then control of termites are very important. We give proposals of how it should be treated and explain it to you. There are options of chemical treatment, chemical barrier and bating systems.

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